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Why Use Us to Sell Your Home?

Did you know that we offer home sales and home listing services with Triton Property Group? We can also do it for A LOT LESS! 

use usIt’s a fact: Real Estate commission is negotiable!

Many people who need to sell their home quickly, must relocate for a job, or just don’t want to wait for their home to sell and want to offer a good price from the beginning, can use this fact as a key strategy in the sale price of the home.

If you are in the market for a new home, or need to sell your home without all of the hassle, call Triton Property Group. We are a full-service real estate brokerage firm. We can list and sell your home, or help you rent it or lease it. 

A recent client testimonial:  “After listing my home with Triton Property Group, my home sold in just 3 days!  I was so impressed with Courtney Cummings and his ability to negotiate! They saved us thousands of dollars in commission! We have already moved into our new home, and we love it! Using Triton Property Group to sell and buy a new home was one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

Jay T., Acworth, GA

Questions to Ask Your Property Manager

So you’ve made the decision to use a property manager—fantastic! But before you hire the first company that pulled on your Google results page, be sure to do your homework; a poor property manager is almost as bad as having a lousy tenant. Before you sign any contracts, be sure you ask any potentials these 4 important questions:

  1. Are you licensed to work in the state my property is owned?

Most states require at least a real estate broker’s license or a property management license. Just as you would not allow someone to paint your house without being bonded and insured, be sure the property manager you hire is legitimate. When in doubt—ask for references and do a little digging; it will be worth your time.

2. What is included in the contract and what happens if I decide to terminate early?

If there’s one area you don’t want any surprises in, it’s here. Be sure you are aware of any and all fees your management company will charge (including fees for filling unexpected vacancies). And be sure that your contract includes a cancellation clause if they are not holding up their end of the bargain.

3. What experience do you have with evicting tenants?

If this number is low (or zero), then you may want to choose a company that is experienced in handling eviction efficiently and promptly. On the other hand, if the number is very high, it suggests that the company does not have a efficient process for pre-screening tenants.

4. What is your maintenance response time?

The last thing you want is for tenants to withhold paying rent because they can’t use the washer and dryer. Ask the property manager the name of the maintenance company they use and their average response time, as well as backup plans in case of emergencies.

When it comes to choosing a property manager, experience is a necessity. Triton Property Management group has a combined total of 30 years experience in real estate, property management, and renovations. Call us today and we’ll prove to you why we stand out from the competition.

Can’t Sell Your Home? Rent it Through a Property Manager

Beautiful Newly Constructed Modern Home Among the Trees.If you and your family are preparing to move, you know that buying and selling a home can be the longest part of the entire moving process, sometimes delaying a move for months at a time. Families are often separated while one spouse stays behind to complete the sale of a home, and worst of all: you are stuck paying two mortgages. So there’s got to be a solution here, right?

The easiest solution: Don’t sell your home: rent it!

Some homeowners never consider renting a property that they have used as their primary residence when it comes time to move; they simply hire a real estate agent, stick a sign in the yard, and wait for it to sell. If you have a lot of equity in your home, selling may be a wise move. But if you don’t have much equity, or even worse, if you are upside down in your mortgage, renting out your property is definitely a decision you will want to consider.

Renting a property can come with some hassles: ensuring you have responsible tenants who will make timely payments, keeping up with maintenance on the home and possibly responding to emergency maintenance requests in the middle of the night are just the beginning.

Luckily, there is an easy fix: Hire Triton Property Management to handle all the day-to-day hassles of property management. We take of care of screening and interviewing tenants, rent collection, scheduling maintenance, and handling tenant disputes.

With Triton, it really is possible to have the best of both worlds: keep your rental property as an investment, yet have the freedom of not having to deal with the everyday stress that comes with being a landlord.

Call us today to get started! 404-465-3700 or online at

Consider Property Management for Rental Properties!

Triton Property Group wants to be your trusted resource for real estate and property management services throughout the Metro Atlanta area. We focus on the entire life-cycle of the real estate process: Buying and selling properties, property management and leasing, repairs and renovations – we offer a complete solution to buyers, sellers, owners and investors.

If you own rental property, we offer full-service property management that can help you protect your investment and enhance its value. Whether you are renting out your second home, or you have a large portfolio, our team can help you realize the full potential of your investments.

tenantsboxesWe serve clients throughout Atlanta and surrounding areas, including Cobb, Fulton, Cherokee, Paulding, Bartow, and Douglas counties. Please contact us now to discuss your real estate, property management or rental needs. Our team is standing by to go to work for you! Learn more, here: /about-us/

Can You Afford NOT to Have a Property Manager?

Managing your own property can have a host of benefits, with additional income being the most obvious perk. Investors who are new to renting properties may think they can tackle property management on their own. After all, what’s so hard? Put an ad for the property on social media, interview prospective renters, then once a family or individual is decided upon, collect a rent check and occasionally schedule minor repairs on the property.

In a perfect world, this is how it would work.

Unfortunately, property management rarely goes this smoothly, and if you aren’t prepared, before you know it you are losing money rather than earning it.

At Triton Property Management, we do all the legwork for you. Here are some potential pitfalls you will avoid by investing with Triton:

  • Avoid Bad Renters.

Hands down, one the worst situations a landlord can fall victim to is a “professional tenant.” In a nutshell, these scammers will spin certain state and federal laws to their advantage, citing code violations (such as mold in the bathroom) as a violation of their lease—therefore relieving them of the obligation to pay rent. Before you know it, you are tied up in court, paying thousands of dollars in court fees all while “The renter” is living rent free in your property. A quality property management group will screen tenants, which includes reviewing rental history, credit scores, prior bankruptcies and court dockets, and employment verification. While no one can promise a high quality tenant, Triton has a proven track record of providing tenants who rent longer, pay on time, and put less wear and tear on the property.

  • Avoid Late (or non) Payment.

Having a professional property manager makes rent collection streamlined. Renters generally feel more pressure to make a timely payment when a third party is involved, rather than writing a check to an individual. When payment is made to the owner of the property, renters often will press their advantage for paying late (if ever). With Triton, rest assured that we will handle rent payments, and if necessary, eviction.

  • We Do the Marketing for Your Rental Property

Triton Property Management will effectively market your property to attract the best tenants. We understand what to say (and where to advertise) to draw the ideal candidates for your property, and our effective marketing strategy also means that you will have shorter vacancy cycles. An empty property clearly does not earn money, and Triton will work hard to determine the best rental rate for your property—ensuring that you are neither losing potential income nor left waiting for a tenant due to over-pricing.

  • Less Stress on You!

Beautiful Newly Constructed Modern Home Among the Trees.All of these benefits add up to one main benefit to you, and that is less stress! With better renters, on-time payments, and marketing support to keep your property rented, you can rest easy knowing that everything is taken care of!

Additionally, Triton Property Management can assist you with accounting, marketing, tenant disputes, maintenance repair and scheduling, and legal issues.

Call us today, and leave the stress of property management behind you.